Papernow Review

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Papernow A site that assists in all writing needs

A review of the Papernow site and how they can assist customers with their specific needs including the benefits and downsides of using this type of website.

The benefits and downsides of Paper Now

Papernow Review: Benefits

Paper Now is a site that offers all type of writing needs for their customers. The assistance they supply ranges from things like Essay writing to improving writing skills. You’re asked to fill out a form to highlight exactly what assistance you need, and are then offered a variety of options such how many words are required and what time frame you need the work completed. This allows a lot of flexibility with the service and gives you the option to tailor the package to your needs. They have a large variety of writers and claim to be able to assist in every field and topic. This ranges from High-School work all the way up to P.H.D level.


Although Paper Now offers a wide variety of useful services, it’s difficult to understand the benefit of using this type of site to write your papers. It’s beneficial to use the tutoring service to improve your own writing skills, but by allowing them to write the entire body of work it takes away from the whole point of writing the papers. The prices are reasonable for smaller pieces, but to complete larger documents in a small timeframe costs a small fortune. I can understand the benefit of using this site to complete overdue work. However, it’s feels like a counterproductive service in the long run. It’s also worrying that people can reach P.H.D without needing to write any of their own essays.

It’s clear to see the appeal of a site such as Papenow. For many, this can be a lifesaver when trying to complete late papers and the ability to tune your writing skills cannot be overlooked. Despite this, I can’t help feeling that by allowing them to write your paper you are causing more harm than good.